About Us

May 2018

It is with regret that after many happy years of shared learning and comradeship, the Essex Reflexology Group is now formally closed.  We are in the process of writing to all members with this information and to reimburse membership fees to those who recently joined and did not get the opportunity to attend a meeting.  Please bear with us!

The decision to close was not taken lightly as the group had fulfilled a need for CPD and meeting up for us all as lone workers for many years.  It is hard work keeping the momentum going over many years and we have been reliant on our volunteer committee members to keep functioning some of whom have been giving their time tirelessly for a large number of years.  We were unable to get more members to volunteer to help run  the group and this helped us to take the decision to close.

With the growing emergence of social media and on-line learning opportunities and new and emerging groups, which we wholeheartedly support, we know our members will not be unsupported in the future.

All the very best to you all.